Sunday, January 26, 2014

Second Semester Starts, National Title Push Begins.

With the semester starting this past Wednesday, the Cortland Red Dragons once again begin preparing for the second straight National Championship appearance. With less games played than anyone else in the conference (9), Cortland will play another 9 more games in two regular season tournaments starting next week in Feasterville, Pennsylvania, followed by a rare appearance in Dracut, Massachusetts. Cortland's 5-3-1 record features them in the middle of the standings with 11 points, not where the team would like to be. However, with back to back tournaments against key opponents such as rival Slippery Rock, Rutgers, Delaware, Boston, and Binghamton, Cortland has a great opportunity to jump up a few places in the standings and end up with a high seeding for Regionals in March. Despite the sub-par record, Cortland still has the capability of being the team to beat. As proven in earlier games this season, the Red Dragons can come to play. With a full roster, Cortland is 5-1 with their only loss coming against Boston in Long Island. Three of the five wins have come across teams higher ranked than Cortland including a shutdown performance against Farmingdale who is second in the conference behind undefeated Slippery Rock. There is no predicting if the Red Dragons will come to play in these next two tournaments, but based off previous years, expect the Red Dragons to make an end of the year push thats will give them an opportunity to compete for the National Championship in April. With Cortland's superior goaltending and an impenetrable box, these key components could be the ingredients to a National Championship bid.