Saturday, October 2, 2010

Cortland Gearing Up For Pre-Season

The Cortland Red Dragons have endured five weeks of try-outs and practices and now are one week from the start of the ECRHA season. After the try-out process ended the Red Dragons selected four new rookie players. Al Grogan (F), Mike Weber (D), Cory Monks (F), and Gary Krupa (D) all stood out during the selection process and secured their spots on the team. Practices have been battles for line positioning with 100% effort every time the players have stepped onto the rink.

The ECRHA D-III consists of Cortland, Loyola, Ramapo, Scranton, Ithaca, U-Mass Amherst, Syracuse, and new comers Oswego, Queens, and Lehigh. With the most teams ever in D-III this season is shaping up to be the most competetive yet.

Cortland will look to right the ship after their 1-8-3 2009-2010 season starting next weekend in pre-season. The schedule has been set for Cortland and they will play their usual set of early morning games.

October 9- 8A.M. vs Loyola College
October 9- 5P.M. vs Ramapo College
October 10- 7A.M. vs Scranton University

Cortland's sights are set high for the upcoming season with the fresh new talent of players taking their place on the team.

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