Saturday, January 15, 2011

Second Half Set to Kick Off with All-Star Weekend

The Cortland Red Dragons' schedule has been set for the ECRHA's annual All-Star weekend event on January 22-23.

January 22 7 A.M.- Loyola
January 22 10 P.M.- Scranton
January 23 10 A.M- Ramapo

Cortland will start off the second semester with an early 7 A.M. game against Loyola (1-4-1). The long mid day break is something new for the Red Dragons who will need to be as rested as possible when they take on first place Scranton (6-0) at 10 P.M. The mid day break will be a time when the DIII All-Star game will be played at 2 P.M. The rosters have not been released yet but each team will have at least one player represent them. The final game of the weekend will be played at 10 A.M. against Ramapo (4-2). Cortland will look to play the same game they did against the Roadrunners in the pre-season event when they shut them down and won 8-1.

The 3-3 Cortland squad is eager and amped up to start play after a long cold winter break. With 6 teams left to play, it will be a fight to the finish to gain a high playoff seed. Check back Wednesday to see which of your Red Dragons will be selected to the DIII All-Star game!

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